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CFP® exam flashcards

There is no question that CFP® exam flashcards are an excellent memorization tool and aid students to engage in active recall where they can actively engage in learning by refreshing the memories and creating lasting connections to the topic.

Flashcards were once printed on actual cardboard or paper and were often two-sided, dating back to at least 1805. The card’s front provided a hint or cue, and the back provided the answer.

These stacks of flashcards helped students retain and recall high-yield subjects, and they can scan the back to see if the recall was successful or not after carefully examining the front’s hint. This way, answers get permanently fixed in the mind after numerous repetitions.

Many students continue to make and use flashcards by writing down the hints and answers on a large number of paper cards, shuffling them as necessary, and going over the deck repeatedly until they get a hazy feeling of achievement.

With the added benefit of advanced algorithms to accelerate learning, digital flashcards on CFP® Exam Prep App by Achieve offer the benefits of physical flashcards.

Why Flashcards?

Flashcards are an easy-to-use and frequently overlooked study aid. Since active recall is one of the finest methods for learning, we choose to use CFP® exam flashcards instead of notes to encourage studying.

Flashcards are also most effective for knowledge-intensive and practical topics where you must memorize a lot of information to score high in the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam.

Simply clicking on your smartphone will give you access to them, making it incredibly simple for you to start studying whenever you can spare time. If you’re serious about your CFP® exam preparation, it’s still a good approach to learn and review.

Smart repetitions

When reviewing your notes, you should focus more time on subjects that are difficult to recall. There is no practical way to achieve this unless you have all of your concepts in one location. On the other hand, some of these concepts will be easy to recall and it is pointless to review them repeatedly. However, any attempt to improve the process is completely speculative as you lack a quantitative understanding of how difficult a fact is.

Effective recall

Numerous case studies in cognitive science had suggested that “practice testing” (flashcards and multiple-choice questions in our case)—could significantly improve your performance compared to re-reading and underlining books. You can get a massive advantage by exposing yourself repeatedly at the proper frequency.

Easy access

You can’t always have your notebook with you. Even if you can, there are some locations where you might not be able to open it. One thing you can always reach in this digital age is your smartphone. Are you waiting for your food in the restaurant or traveling to your workplace? Simply go through some flashcards on your phone. It’s that easy.

CFP® exam flashcards are a proven method of reviewing content, but they cannot be used in place of other approaches. Make use of notes and flashcards to help you comprehend and review important material. Flashcards can undoubtedly help you outperform the competition for the CFP® exam when used properly.

The science behind effective learning

At this point, you might be wondering:

Do I need to practice flashcards frequently?

Do I have to check all the cards each time I practice?

This is a valid concern but when you have a large syllabus to cover, you need to make sure that your card repeats effectively.

Forgetting curve

This forgetting curve enables us to see the rate at which our brains forget things. The red curve depicts how memory declines if the information is not actively recalled afterward. The graph’s green curves indicate how your memory degrades following active recalls. As you can see, active recollections enhance your memory and slow down the rate at which it deteriorates. The “forgetting curve” is regularly halted by this periodic repetition.

The Flashcard algorithm of our platform makes use of this research in the background to help you remember and retain more information in less time.

What happens in the background?

The algorithm on CFP® Exam Prep App by Achieve starts running in the background as you practice with the flashcards. It considers your suggestions and assesses the degree of difficulty of each card for you.

If you indicate that you had trouble recalling the flashcard card or couldn’t recall it, then our algorithm will start displaying that card more often. We will give a card a lesser priority in recurrence if you indicate higher levels of recall.

The algorithm prioritizes these online flashcards based on your feedback, as opposed to just displaying the clue and asking you to memorize the answer. Cards that were harder to recall will be repeated more often than those that were simpler to remember. You may save time and make the process much more effective, thanks to all this crunching. The algorithm ensures that you make the greatest use of your time by acting as a virtual coach.

cfp flashcards

Using CFP® exam flashcards

These flashcards are available on the workout page of the CFP® Exam Prep App. You can choose from a plethora of topics like tax planning, investment planning, professional conduct and regulation, and psychology of financial planning among others. Simply pick a topic to practice with these flashcards on our platform.

We provide you with a cue and ask you to guess the answer as soon as you begin studying a flashcard online. We’ll show the solution when you press the “Tap on Answer” button. After seeing it, you must rank your guess from 0 to 5 on a scale.

5: Excellent recall

4: Successful recall after hesitation

3: Successful recall with serious difficulty

2: Incorrect recall, where the correct answer seemed easy to recall

1: Incorrect recall, correct answer remembered

0: Complete Blackout

Each response is recorded and used by our AI for spaced repetition.

If you offer a rating of 4 or 5, our algorithm knows that the recall was effective, and the various CFP® exam topic flashcards will be displayed in subsequent sessions at key moments in accordance with the forgetting curve. This phase is referred to as the learning phase.

When you select a feedback rating between 0 and 3, you are telling our AI that you had problems remembering the flashcard. This flashcard will be placed in the review bucket by our algorithm, where it can be often reviewed before and after flashcard workout sessions. This is the review phase. Furthermore, a flashcard is in the fresh stage when you first see it.

By repeating more difficult topics at the right intervals throughout time, these spaced repetitions will improve your performance and maximize memory retention.

Although one of the oldest study methods, flashcards can greatly enhance your memory skills. We have achieved this with our dynamic CFP® exam platform. There are currently 1100+ subject-wise flashcards, but we’ll continuously add new high-yield concepts.

You can use them to build a strong foundation and enhance your preparation for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam.