Effective Revision Strategy for CFP® Exam Preparation


The road to acing CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam is a transformative journey that opens doors to a world of financial expertise and professional growth. As you stand at the threshold of this challenging yet fulfilling path, it’s essential to understand that success in the CFP® exam is not solely dependent on knowledge acquisition. Instead, it hinges on your ability to revise effectively and strategically, right from the initial stages of preparation. In this blog, we present a comprehensive guide to mastering the CFP® exam through focused and well-structured revision, using the CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve App.

Why does a methodically planned revision strategy matter?

Effective revision isn’t just about covering material—it’s about comprehending concepts, applying knowledge, and building confidence. The CFP® exam goes beyond testing theoretical knowledge; it assesses your capacity to make informed economic decisions. A strategic revision plan ensures you’re ready to excel in this dynamic exam.

Daily revision: The habit of success

The CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve App champions the power of consistency through its daily revision feature. With daily revision, you can review mistakes from the past three days in order to enhance your proficiency in areas where you struggle. You will encounter only those questions that you answered incorrectly at least 24 hours ago, allowing you to rectify them solely based on your recent memory. Incorporating a daily revision habit into your routine ensures you revisit and reinforce concepts regularly. These small and consistent efforts will enhance your retention and understanding of crucial financial planning principles.

Bookmark revision: Personalized learning path

With the bookmark revision feature, the app empowers you to curate your learning journey. As you encounter questions from difficult topics or concepts requiring additional focus, you can bookmark them for targeted revision. This personalized approach ensures that you allocate more time to areas that truly matter, aligning your efforts with your learning needs.

Deep revision: Unveiling the layers

The CFP® exam introduces a mix of case studies and other question types, which can be a blend of easy and tricky. The platform’s deep revision feature is your key to navigating these intricacies. By revisiting concepts from different angles, you gain the power to untangle complicated scenarios, solve intricate problems, and create well-informed financial solutions. Moreover, this feature lets you practice questions you previously struggled with, turning challenges into stepping stones toward expertise.

CFP® exam revision

Daily Execution

When revising for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam, how you allocate time is key. Here’s a snapshot of a successful strategy:

60%: Strengthen weaknesses

Devote 60% of your time to improve the weakest 30% of topics. Addressing these gaps ensures a solid grasp of the content.

40%: Review fundamentals

Spend the remaining 40% revisiting foundational subjects. This sustains your core understanding of CFP® exam concepts.

Effective revision strategies

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, certain methods may pave the way for victory.

1. Daily consistency counts

Make daily revision a habit. Regular review cements key concepts and minimizes gaps.

2. Focused targeted effort

Allocate 75% of revision time to focused efforts. Within this, 60% of the time should be dedicated to target weak portions, and the remaining 15% should be used to refresh older topics.

3. Deep dive into profound understanding

Use 25% of your time to delve into complexities. This deep revision fosters mastery of challenging subjects.


In the journey towards mastering the CFP® exam, revision stands as the cornerstone of preparation. Doing day-to-day revision with work, and personal commitments may seem overwhelming, but finding the right balance is essential. Amidst these challenges, perseverance is your partner. Every spare moment can be transformed into a productive learning opportunity, especially through the MCQs in the revision section of the CFP® Exam Prep App by Achieve.

By unfailingly practicing and focusing on areas of struggle, you’re paving the path to not only understanding the material but also achieving your aspirations. Remember, it’s this unwavering dedication that molds you into a capable and confident aspirant to crack the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam, ready to excel in the demanding landscape of financial expertise.