How to prepare for cfp

CFP® exam is a complex and challenging exam. Clearing the exam on the first or second attempt is undoubtedly not a piece of cake. Acing the Certified Financial Certification exam can open a myriad of windows of opportunity for candidates, but this certainly requires hard work, determination, and perseverance.

In this article, we are going to reveal how you can pass the CFP® exam with great scores using our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Exam Preparation App. CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve has been exclusively designed for test-takers and focuses on all aspects and concerns of the aspirants. Go through the following points to gain information on how you could use our app to excel in the CFP® exam.

1. Understand the Exam Pattern with Achieve

Before diving into the learning resources and books, you should first understand the exam structure and its components. The CFP® exam is six hours long with 2-three hours of sessions and a break between them. You will get 170 multiple-choice questions which will also include case studies. Read the CFP® exam syllabus carefully to know the weightage allotted to each topic.

Understanding the CFP® exam syllabus will help you avoid mistakes. You can create strategies on how to take on the exam. The best strategy includes mastering the concepts that are asked frequently in the exam. Try to take a sneak peek at the type of questions asked from a particular topic before studying for that topic. This would help you know the format of questions asked, the type of questions asked from that topic, and how much time you should allot to that topic during your CFP® exam preparation.

CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve offers topic-wise questions from all the subjects, including newly introduced subjects like Psychology of Financial Planning. You can select any topic and get the questions that you want to solve. Detailed solutions also accompany each question.

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2. Set Practice & Revision Goals with CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve

A good study plan is an organized schedule outlining your daily, weekly, and monthly learning goals. For aspirants, it is vital because the CFP® exam syllabus is so vast that completing it in time may take some planning. You can start by breaking the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam syllabus into chunks and then devote dedicated time each week to complete it. The study schedule should include time for learning, writing notes, practicing questions, and revision.

A study plan will help you navigate through the whole syllabus and hold you accountable for your own learning outcomes. It will effectively track your progress and will eventually increase productivity.

With CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve, you can know which subjects or topics would require more effort on your part. Using our app, you can create your personalized study plan for the CFP® exam. Our platform allows you to set your daily practice and revision goals. It is particularly crucial for students since they need to have self-discipline and determination to complete their studies without anyone instructing them. This would aid in deciding on which topics you should put more hours into practice/revision.

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3. Form a Solid Base of Fundamentals

CFP® exam aspirants should build a solid foundation for the exam. Since a major part of the exam will test candidates’ concepts, you should have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals. Case studies are frequently asked in the CFP® exam and are difficult for most CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam takers. Hence, it is important that you have a good grasp of the fundamentals.

Make handwritten notes when you are reading a particular topic. Notes will not only help in identifying the gaps in your knowledge but will also aid in quick revision before the CFP® exam. Record your ideas in a brief format so that you are able to recall everything you need to know. You can also make use of CFP® exam flashcards to achieve that. CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve is one of the most resourceful apps for candidates. You can solve chapter-wise, topic-wise MCQs, and daily tests while studying for each new topic. As you practice CFP® exam questions, you will also get solutions to enhance your knowledge. This would help you strengthen your fundamentals as you move on to the next topic.

4. Practice CFP® Exam mock tests

Most aspirants fail the exam because they haven’t practiced enough CFP® exam questions. Therefore, they lack confidence and familiarity with the exam. Test takers should familiarise themselves with the structure and prompts that may ask them to respond to the questions. You will have to develop skills to recognize important key information required to solve the paper.

Past year questions and mock tests stimulate the actual CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam. You can take the sample CFP® exam tests at your convenience and find the gaps in your understanding of the concepts before the exam. They will also allow you to revise the syllabus again and again.

By regularly practicing CFP® exam mock tests, you will discover your weaknesses and strengths. Mock tests for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam also help in balancing time, speed, and accuracy. Checking your progress regularly will lead you to the right path.

With the help of CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve, you can solve full mock tests and create customized tests from any topic. The app contains more than 1900+ CFP® Exam Practice questions, including a large number of case studies. In-depth analytics on Achieve acts as your personal digital guide. It keeps track of all the questions that you have marked wrong and tells you how much more effort you must put in.

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5. Revise efficiently with CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve

CFP® exam syllabus is so vast that you can’t expect to recall things you learned initially. Thus, studying and revising the concepts again will help you score better in the exam. Regular and frequent revision can make or break your dream of becoming a successful financial planner.

CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve has advanced revision features that help you revise daily. While practicing questions, you can bookmark the wrong or challenging questions and revise them again before the exam. Our adaptive questions delivery will present you with similar questions that you initially marked wrong. This continues until you master the concepts.

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The CFP designation is a mark of your success, and it definitely provides you with an edge in the competitive world. Follow the above suggestions to sail through the exam in your first attempt. Subscribe to the CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve and get closer to your dream to crack the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam.