CFP® Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Whether you manage your wealth or your clients, the first thing that matters most is how efficient and credible you are. The mark of credibility comes from the knowledge and skills you have gained along the journey. CFP® exam certificate is one such course that allows you to begin your financial career with aplomb. The CFP® exam tests the candidate’s financial practical knowledge and business ethics. This article will tell you about the CFP® exam pattern and syllabus that aspirants must follow to clear the exam.

CFP® Exam Pattern

The CFP® exam is a computer-based exam compromising of 170 multiple-choice based questions. The exam is conducted over two 3-hour sessions, with a 40-minute break in between. The aspirants are given three hours to solve 85 questions in the first three hours and 85 questions in another three hours. The CFP® exam is a challenging exam where 3 different types of questions are asked.

Standalone Questions: Here, the questions are typically two or three sentences long. You need to choose the answer from four answer options.

Short Scenario Questions: Here, the questions are based on some scenarios. Usually, 3 questions are asked from each scenario. You can read the whole scenario on the left side of the computer screen, and questions are presented on the right side.

CFP® Exam Case Study Questions: You will be presented with a case study which will be a lengthy scenario covering several pages. You will have to gather the necessary information from the case study to solve the questions. Usually, 8-12 questions are asked from each case study.

CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve allows CFP® exam candidates to solve questions from all three patterns. With more than 1900 CFP® exam practice questions, you can easily find out where you stand. In addition, this CFP® Exam Prep App contains several practice questions to help aspirants build their confidence before the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam. Finally, solving CFP® exam questions before the big day will help you understand the structure of the questions and will make you familiar with the format you are expected to see in the final exam.

CFP® Exam Syllabus

The CFP® exam syllabus consists of 8 topics with several sub-topics. The syllabus is divided in such a way that it assesses your ability to handle client wealth in different situations. You will have to apply a broad base of financial planning knowledge in the context of real-life scenarios. You will have to use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve the CFP® exam question rather than relying on your memory.

The exam questions are based on the topics which are interlinked with each other. Therefore, you can study the CFP® exam syllabus and the weightage allotted to each topic to understand which topic you should focus on.

CFP Exam Pattern
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The CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve enables aspirants to solve questions as per their choice. You can choose any topic or subject to solve the questions. You can also create your own unlimited practice tests by selecting the topic, the number of questions, and the time. Practicing topic-wise questions from CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve will help you understand your weaknesses and strengths. Knowing which topic needs more focus will transform your weaknesses into strengths and will improve your chances of clearing the CFP® exam.


CFP® exam requires intense practice and hard work to clear the exam. Going through the CFP® exam pattern and syllabus should be the first step for any aspirant. Understanding the CFP® exam syllabus and pattern will help you stay organized and committed to the exam. Subscribe to the CFP® Exam Prep by Achieve to practice questions as per the latest trends and pass with flying colors.